Santa Rita Courts, the first public housing project in the country under the U.S. Housing Act of 1937, has been home to low-income residents in East Austin since 1939. While innovative when it first opened, the 84-year-old buildings have not kept pace with modern needs: the cinder block walls lack insulation, spaces do not accommodate persons with disabilities, and units have no central air conditioning or heating.

The Housing Authority of the City of Austin (HACA) has plans to redevelop Santa Rita Courts, and is reaching out to residents, neighbors, and community members to guide our planning and to ensure we continue to help people on their journey to self-sufficiency. Learn more about the current features of Santa Rita Courts HERE

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Community engagement

Sep 24, 2023
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Sep 12, 2023
Virtual Community Meeting
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Sep 9, 2023
In-Person Community Meeting
Aug 2, 2023
Hispanic Latino Quality of Life Resource Advisory Commission
July 11, 2023
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July 11, 2023
Community Development Commission
July 2023
Santa Rita Flyers and FAQs
May 16, 2023
March 7, 2023
Jan 26, 2023

Your voice matters. Let’s work together to enhance our community and ensure that Santa Rita Courts remains a place everyone is proud to call home. For more details or questions, reach out to


The Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program is a tool provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to public housing agencies like HACA make upgrades to housing properties and improve residents’ lives.

The RAD program is designed so that HACA will receive the same amount of funding from the federal government as it has for traditional public housing subsidies. The RAD program will have no impact on local taxes. The current federal funding for public housing is converted to what is known as project-based rental assistance (PBRA). HACA will have control of its properties and can use this funding to finance the improvements they need. For individual residents, the process is transparent; they will see little difference in their financial requirements (rent and utilities), and their eligibility for public housing is protected.


PROTECTIONS: Every resident has the right to stay in assisted housing and return to an upgraded unit in their original property. Rents will still be based on 30% of adjusted household income, and no current resident has to reapply to stay at the property. HACA will maintain a high level of services to its residents.

IMPROVEMENTS: Every property will receive some improvements, and many units will be thoroughly upgraded, modernized, and made more energy-efficient. Residents will have a voice in planning these improvements. Check out HACA’s Flikr account for photos of RAD construction.

CHOICES: Residents in the RAD program can apply to live at the specific HACA properties of their choice. Residents who remain at the same RAD property for two years will be placed on the Housing Choice Voucher waitlist which will allow them to seek housing in the private rental market.