Per Administration Plan, Chapter 8-III.B. WHEN RENT REASONABLENESS DETERMINATIONS ARE REQUIRED - Owner-Initiated Rent Determinations.

After the initial occupancy period, the owner may request a rent adjustment in accordance with the owner’s lease.

For rent increase requests after initial lease-up, HACA may request owners to provide information about the rents charged for other units on the premises. In evaluating the proposed rents in comparison to other units on the premises, HACA will consider unit size and length of tenancy in the other units.

HACA will determine whether the requested increase is reasonable within 10 business days of a “Passed” HQS inspection, or if no inspection is due, within 14 business days of receipt of the request. The owner will be notified of the determination in writing.

Additional Information

  • •All rent increase requests are subject to a rent reasonableness analysis. Rent increases will not be approved unless any failed items identified by the most recent HQS inspection have been corrected. The owner may attach supporting unassisted units with market rates/comparables documentation to this request to assist in the rent determinations.
  • •The owner will be notified of the determination by EMAIL or in writing.
  • •After the initial occupancy period, rent requests received 60 to 180 days before the Annual effective date are effective with the upcoming Annual Reexamination.
  • •Rent requests received 60 days prior to HACA’s annual effective date are effective with the annual.
  • •Rent requests received less than two months prior to the annual will be effective 60 days after the request date.
  • •For Additional information regarding HACA’s Housing Quality Standards Policies, Chapter 8.

Option 1
( Rent Adjustment Only)

Option 2
(Change in Responsibility in Utilities)

1. Complete the Rent CHANGE REQUEST FORM and attach form plus any additional documentation (if any) in an email to


2. Submit web fillable form:

1. Complete form HUD-52517  (RFTA – Request for Tenancy Approval), print and signed by the tenant.


2. Complete the Rent CHANGE REQUEST FORM and email it to