The Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program is a federal program. Families with an active housing choice voucher can transfer their assistance to any other city in the country that has a HCV Program. This program feature is known as portability. When a family transfers their voucher from another housing authority into Austin, it is called “porting in.”

When a family transfers their voucher from Austin to another city, it is called “porting out.” The transfer process can be timely, so families must plan accordingly. For further information on portability, please refer to the Portability Flyer.

Frequently Asked Questions

HACA is currently billing, however we reserve the right to absorb any incoming portables at our sole discretion.

The process starts with your caseworker at your current housing authority. Contact them directly and tell them where you want to take your voucher.

A copy of your voucher; HUD Form 52665; Most recent HUD Form 50058; Verification of your income; Copies of your family members’ birth certificates, IDs, and Social Security Cards; Your current phone number and email address.

Email to or Fax to 512-494-0686 or mail to 1124 South IH 35, Austin TX 78704 (Attention Portability)

A member of our portability team will contact you within 10 business days after receiving your documents to set an appointment. At this appointment you will complete some more forms and receive everything you need to start searching for a home in Austin. *Please do not call or email HACA to ask about your status until at least 10 business days have passed since your housing authority sent your documents.* Ask your caseworker for verification that they have mailed, faxed, or emailed your documents to HACA as instructed above.

In-person is the easiest way to ensure everything is complete and in order. 

HACA assigns one bedroom to the Head of Household and Spouse (if present), and one bedroom for every two additional occupants.

Example 1: A married couple with no other household members would receive a 1-bedroom voucher.

Example 2: A single parent with one or two children would receive a 2-bedroom voucher.

Example 3: A married couple with three or four children would receive a 3-bedroom voucher.

This depends on your family composition and family income. We cannot answer this question before we receive your documents. HACA’s current payment standards are as follows, however these are not your rent limits for your housing search.

Single Room Occupancy (SRO): $1139

Efficiency/Studio: $1519

1 Bedroom: $1635

2 Bedroom: $1924

3 Bedroom: $2470

4 Bedroom: $2840

5 Bedroom: $3266 

(Effective 2/1/2024)


HACA’s jurisdiction includes Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Del Valle, Manor, Cedar Park, and Leander.  

You would have to port your voucher to a different housing authority that covers those areas.

Austin’s housing market is exceptionally challenging for renters with vouchers. HACA cannot steer you toward any specific housing options, nor can we assist you in your housing search once you arrive here. You may find this resource helpful to start your search, but be vigilant for scams.