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Fraud FAQs

  • 1. If someone has a significant other living with them OR they have their adult children living with them, is that allowed?

    As long as they are properly added to the lease/voucher, significant others and adult children are allowed to receive assistance.

  • 2. When will HACA investigate?

    HACA will review all referrals, specific allegations, complaints, and tips from any source including other agencies, companies, and individuals, to determine if they warrant investigation. In order for HACA to investigate, the allegation must contain at least one independently- verifiable item of information, such as the name of an employer or the name of an unauthorized household member.

  • 3. What happens after I make a complaint?

    An investigation is opened for every complaint received. However, the outcome of each investigation is kept confidential.

  • 4. Will I continue to get assistance during the hearing process?

    Subsidy for the unit continues until the hearing officer makes a Final decision.

  • 5. I am a public housing resident. In what circumstance am I not entitled to request a grievance hearing?

    Public Housing residents are not entitled to a grievance for drug related or criminal activity (3-day Termination notice) All other types of evictions may request a hearing AFTER they have attended an informal settlement with their property manager.

  • 6. Can I get a hearing if my Reasonable Accommodation request was denied?

    Once you have received written notice of denial for your reasonable accommodation request, YES you can submit a hearing request.

  • 7. I applied for the Section 8 program but got denied. Do I get a hearing?

    Submit a written hearing request if you were denied admission to Section 8 OR Public Housing.

  • 8. What do I do if I got a termination of assistance letter from Assisted Housing from the Housing Authority?

    If the termination letter is for the following reasons, then you MAY request a hearing in writing:
    • Nonpayment of Debt Owed to the Housing Authority
    • Failure to attend scheduled appointments
    • Head of Household is deceased
    • Failure to complete the annual re-examination process by failing to attend and submit required documents
    • Failure to maintain tenant paid gas/electric utilities
    • Failure to allow an inspection of the unit by HACA staff
    • Failure to give thirty(30) days prior written notice to the Housing Authority of the City of Austin or the property owner before vacating
    • Violation of family obligations (court judgment in eviction/tenant repairs)
    • Failure to report change in income/family composition
    • Preponderance of evidence of involvement in drug related and/or violent criminal activity