Welcome to the Housing Authority of the City of Austin’s (HACA’s) pre-application page for the Project-Based Rental Assistance (PBRA) and Rental-Assistance Voucher programs. For more details on HACA programs, property locations and eligibility requirements, please visit https://www.hacanet.org/resident/.

Rental Assistance Voucher Programs

HACA has more than 5,400 Section 8 vouchers, also known as Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV). Families in the HCV program have the choice and responsibility to select their own housing location within HACA’s jurisdiction and with a landlord that is willing to accept vouchers. HCV participants pay between 30-40 percent of their monthly household income toward rent. The voucher covers the rest of the rent and sends the payment directly to the landlord. The HCV waitlist is now closed.

Current and upcoming waiting list openings:

Mainstream Voucher Program – Voucher program designed to assist non-elderly, disabled individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness or an institutional transition


Project-Based Low-Income Housing Program

HACA offers low-income housing through the Project-Based Rental Assistance program at 16 properties throughout Austin. Residents pay about 30 percent of their monthly household income toward rent. Residents also have access to community development programs that provide assistance with education, job training, youth programs, health and wellness as well as many other programs. The goal is to help each resident maximize their potential and, if possible, move back into the private rental market without assistance.

This video will help guide applicants through the PBRA eligibility process and give a general overview of the program:

For additional information about each HACA PBRA property, please select below the Austin area that interests you.

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