The Housing Authority of the City of Austin (HACA) is excited to provide information to residents, neighbors and stakeholders about the redevelopment of Chalmers Court. 

With Phase I at Chalmers South underway, Phase II Chalmers East about to begin, and Phase III Chalmers West set to begin in 2020, come back here for the latest news and notes on this innovative redevelopment. [Read more]

Relocation information FOR RESIDENTS

For residents living in Chalmers Courts with questions about the relocation process, please call 512-766-1404 and check out our list of frequently asked questions here: Chalmers FAQ

All Chalmers East residents will be eligible for to the following relocation benefits once the RAD Conversion Commitment is issued by HUD. [Read More]

Learn more of the details about costs and other questions related to Chalmers South, the Housing Choice Voucher and HACA properties: Chalmers Choice Comparisons

FOR Chalmers residents in need of assistance

For residents with urgent requests, please contact your property manager as soon as possible. 

For other questions and concerns you can contact Liz Vega with CVR Associates at (512)745-0261, 

or you can reach HACA at (512)308-6785, or you can submit your question or complaint online HERE. 

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