More information on Chalmers courts

Built in 1939, Chalmers Courts is a property with 158 units of deeply affordable housing, administered by HACA and serving families at very low incomes. The new federal Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program allows HACA to continue serving these families while also modernizing and expanding the property to include more units to provide needed housing to Austin families making less than the city’s median family income. The redevelopment will be completed in three phases. 

This phasing will allow HACA to keep the community together to minimize disruption to residents’ lives during relocation. In addition, the existing units at Chalmers, lack important features and amenities that will be included in the new construction, such as ADA-accessibility features, air conditioning, etc. Upon completion, the Pathways at Chalmers Courts will be home to almost 400 families.