Resident Watch and Safety

In 2008, Apartment Residents On Watch (AROW) began safety awareness meetings at the HACA communities. AROW provides HACA residents with safety videos. Guest speakers are invited to speak about resident safety on property. The entire community is encouraged to attend Resident Council and AROW meetings in order to play a more active role in their safety.

Residents are responsible for reporting suspicious activity to their property manager. HACA aims to ensure its residents are safe in their homes.

HACA has teamed with the Austin Police Department to ensure safe conditions on all HACA properties. HACA property safety is overseen by HACA’s Safety/Risk Coordinator, the HACA/APD liaison, and property managers.

Property managers walk their HACA community in order to address safety issues that might otherwise go unnoticed. They follow up to ensure all resident safety concerns (in regards to lighting, fencing, etc.) are addressed in a timely manner.

Several off-duty APD officers are assigned to patrol at various HACA properties.